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Our team of talented and experienced upholsterers specialise in restoring both vintage and modern Volkswagens, including vintage Beetles, VW camper vans, T4, TS5, Amaroks and many more. We'll restore the interior with flawless and attractive leather upholstering, replace windows and repair hoods. All of our work is done to match the style of the car, so you won't notice any odd seams or mismatched aesthetics.

Trust your VW with passionate professionals

We'll help you recapture the retro look of your Volkswagen using modern materials that last a long time and look great. We can match colour schemes and vintage looks with our custom Volkswagen upholstery. Check out our gallery.

Combine vintage and modern

Our specialised auto re-trimming services serve all vehicles, not just Volkswagen, and we'll even work on your boat! We repair car seats, vehicle windows and sew custom upholstery for any vehicle or equipment.

Convenient vehicle repairs and upholstery

Contact us for careful and precise vintage & modern

VW restoration.

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