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Vehicle Re-Trim Services has the ability to provide a unique motorbike seat repair and customisation service, tailored to your needs. Here, we can repair, re-cover and modify many types of motorbike, scooter, quad and classic and vintage bike seats.

Motorbike upholstery at Vehicle Re-Trim Services

At Vehicle Re-Trim Services, we provide you with customised work including stitching repairs, seat re-shaping and just a straight forward re-cover when your seat has worn out beyond repair. Get in touch with us today!

Fantastic motorbike seats for any model

We always ensure we use durable materials, so that they last and do not slip. Pay us a visit and make sure you travel in both comfort and style. You will find that we have a wide range of fabrics to offer you for your motorbike seating, including leather and suede in a variety of colours and textures. Visit us on Facebook by clicking on the link below!

Upholstery tailored to you by a very experienced team

We have knowledge and expertise to tailor your bike seat to your exact design needs. Call us today:

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