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We put our cars through a lot while out on the road, and regular repairs and replacements, can improve both the appearance and the functionality. We'll replace car windows to improve visibility and prevent larger cracks. Does your car hood or soft top convertible need maintenance? We can repair and replace vehicle hoods.


We can complete repairs on PVC windows, cabriolet roofs, and Perspex windows and hoods. We can repair and replace cabriolet roofs. These come in mohair or vinyl material. These can come with a PVC or a glass window.

Drive a beautiful, healthy vehicle

We can strip off old hoods, and replace with brand new mohair and glass window, getting rid of the PVC. There are issues associated with PVC windows, as the PVC can crack in cold weather/winter, so we can repair or replace the PVC.


Car hoods and windows

Your trusty vehicle gets you where you want to go - show your car some love with window repairs from an experienced team. Our auto upholstery masters can repair your vehicle hood, convertible top, and even your car's interior. Say goodbye to wear and tear.


Our upholsters can repair damage to the interior of your boat, the seat of your golf cart or even the trim on your gym equipment - our specialty equipment and upholstering services are flexible to all vehicle types and equipment needs.


Found a beautiful VW or vintage car that needs a little tender care? We love to use our skills to help you revive your vintage vehicle to a beautiful, brag-worthy new look.

Experts in vehicle restoration and custom upholstery

Need a car hood repair or vehicle window replacements? Call us for a quote and service.

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