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Wear and tear in your trusty boat? We create custom upholstery to renew the beauty and style of your boat or vehicle's interior. Whether you need specific boat seat repair for a tear, completely new boat upholstery, or boat seat covers, our bespoke upholstery services and skills will get your boat good as new.

Restore your boat's upholstery

Our experienced upholsterers specialise in boats and autos, but we can also use our skills to re-upholster golf carts, repair torn gym equipment, refurbish a caravan and any other specific job that needs custom upholstery.

Custom upholstery for any vehicle

We can completely update your vehicle's interior with modern and luxurious leather, repair vehicle windows and restore damaged car hoods and convertible tops. Plus, bring your vintage vehicle in and let our experts help restore your treasure to the beauty of its younger days.

Comprehensive vehicle makeovers and vintage revival

Say goodbye to torn or damaged upholstery in your boat - call us!

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